Rotary join the Alliance of British Watch and Clock Makers

In a significant stride towards celebrating our British heritage, Rotary is excited to share the news that we have joined the Alliance of British Watch and Clock Makers. Rooted in a shared commitment to advancing British horology, this collaboration envisions a collective journey towards global recognition, innovation, and tradition. Rotary’s rich history and commitment to British design places us in an ideal position to join the Alliance alongside many esteemed British brands.

The Alliance’s aim is to spotlight the meticulous craftsmanship, rich heritage, and contemporary designs that define British timepieces. This synergy seeks to create a global stage where the artistry of British watch making takes centre stage.

Unified in purpose, Rotary and the Alliance are set to amplify impact by providing a collective voice for the British watchmakers. This united front seeks to advocate for industry interests, address shared challenges, and influence policies that foster growth within the British watch industry. The collaborative voice aspires to resonate on both national and international platforms, paving the way for a more robust and supported industry.

At its core, the Alliance of British Watch and Clock Makers highlights the significance of British provenance in the world of horology. Both Rotary and the Alliance are unwavering in their commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and service. With a joint aim to champion British design, forging a unique identity for British watches that resonates with excellence in the global market.