Return of an Icon: The Rotary RW 1895 Heritage Chronograph

In the ever-evolving world of horology, where technology meets tradition, Rotary Watches proudly unveils a masterpiece that transcends time – the Limited Edition RW 1895 Heritage Chronograph. With roots tracing back to 1895, Rotary Watches has consistently epitomised timepiece innovation and style, and the RW 1895 Chronograph is no exception.

A Tribute to an Icon

In a nod to its illustrious past, Rotary has breathed new life into one of its iconic creations from the sixties – the Chronograph Aquaplunge. This timepiece holds a cherished spot in the hearts of Rotary fans for its timeless design and ground-breaking features. With the RW 1895 Chronograph, Rotary pays homage to this beloved classic while infusing it with modern watchmaking.

Innovative Meca-Quartz Movement

At the heart of the RW 1895 Chronograph lies a revolutionary meca-quartz movement. This cutting-edge technology combines the precision of quartz with the mechanical charm of a chronograph, ensuring unparalleled accuracy, reliability and of course a smooth sweeping second hand. It's a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation, encapsulated within a sleek and slender 12.45mm profile.

Timeless Design, Modern Twist

Preserving the essence of the original Rotary Aquaplunge Chronograph, the RW 1895 Chronograph exudes timeless elegance. The matte black 'reverse panda' dial, adorned with twin silver subsidiary dials, captivates with its understated sophistication.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the RW-1895 Chronograph boasts a diameter of 38mm, making it the perfect fit for any wrist. Limited to just 500 pieces per model, each timepiece is a testament to Rotary's commitment to exceptional watchmaking value. The mineral bubble glass ensures a vintage feel, while the signature Rotary crown adds a distinctive touch.

Versatile Options

The RW-1895 Chronograph offers versatility with three distinct models to choose from. Whether you prefer the classic charm of a 7-link beads of rice bracelet or the rugged look of a genuine leather strap, there's a model to suit every style. With water resistance up to 100m, this timepiece is as functional as it is fashionable.

In a world where trends come and go, the Rotary RW 1895 Heritage Chronograph stands as a example of our watchmaking . With its innovative meca-quartz movement, classic design, and impeccable craftsmanship, we believe that the RW 1895 Heritage Chronograph pays homage to the history of Rotary, whilst delivering modern performance expected from watch design.

Available Models: