The Next Chapter of Racing Heritage: Chronograph 1977 Black Edition

The Next Chapter of Racing Heritage: Introducing the Chronograph 1977 Black Edition

At Rotary, we are continuing to celebrate our rich heritage and dedication to timeless design with the unveiling of the latest addition to our prestigious Chronograph 1977 series: the Black Edition. This watch not only complements our previous release, the Chronograph 1977 P207, but also adds a highly limited edition watch to the 1977 collection. Being limited to 100 pieces makes it the most limited edition Rotary watch to date.

A Tribute to Legacy and Innovation

Drawing inspiration from 70s F1, this watch echoes the performance and elegance associated with this era. The Black Edition stands out with its sleek, black and gold colourway, a colour-scheme synonymous with the glamour of vintage racing. Details such as the gold pushers, the textured black dial and the gold stitching on the leather racing strap all add up to create a unique take on the Chronograph 1977 watch.

Collectability: A Growing Legacy

The release of the Black Edition marks an exciting expansion of the Chronograph 1977 collection, positioning it as a must-have for collectors. As we continue to expand the Chronograph 1977 collection, each new release adds a unique chapter to a growing legacy. Collectors who invest in these watches are becoming a part of the story. The collection offers a rare opportunity to own a collection that is both aesthetically diverse and unified by a common theme of heritage motorsport.

For those who already own the P207 Limited Edition, the Black Edition offers a striking contrast and a complementary addition to their collection. For new collectors, it provides a perfect entry point into the world of Rotary watches, offering a blend of history, horology, and modern design.